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Jean is an extremely skillful and intuitive practitioner. I feel fantastic after her treatments.

Lara Theragood Managing Office Ninja and Mother

In a recent acupuncture session with Jean Loscalzo of Rarebird Acupuncture, she brought to my attention areas of my health that needed support that I would not have otherwise known, as they did not manifest in any obvious 'symptoms'. I was then able to fine tune my daily habits to help those issues before they could turn into bigger health problems.
She not only treats her patients physically, but her caring soul and vast knowledge makes her a true spiritual healer. I feel better and wiser after being treated by Jean and highly recommend her treatments to all.

Orianne Cosentino Chef, Artist, Mother

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“A physician needs to possess a moral conscience, ethical conduct and a compassionate attitude toward those in need of attention. In all interactions with patients, the physician is always composed, takes the necessary time, remains objective, and performs every procedure with the utmost care and precision.”

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine

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The Human Body is a highly sophisticated and intelligent system, here are just a few fascinating facts. Check out the News Page for more informative articles.
Circulatory System

The total length of your circulatory system stretches 60,000 miles. That's more than twice the distance around the Earth.

Respiratory System

The average speed of a sneeze is 100 miles per hour. Through breathing we exhale 0.35 liters of water each day.


Muscular System

To take just one step, you use 200 muscles.  It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown.

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